Hard Stools And Back Pain

Published: 05th April 2011
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Back stiffness is among the few medical conditions that will have countless causes. It is because of this that finding the precise root of the problem is extremely important. Protracted constipation is among the a couple of factors that will trigger back pain. Not a lot of people know the relationship between bowel problems and back pain.

Being unable to defecate, generally ends in an overloaded intestine. This in turn can cause additional pressure on the lower back and eventual development of agony in the area. Most of the people confuse this pain for sciatica and as a result, hunt down wrong treatment for a similar. Without correct treatment though , the agony could radiate from the lower portion to the higher back.

As the back stiffness is the most unspecific condition as named earlier, you cannot be sure of bowel obstruction being a reason too. However there are indicators that do prove it to be one of the reasons. If your backache is consistent and it tends to deterioriate on lying down, the cause may be hard stools. If you suffer symptoms like queasiness, insensibility, loss of appetite, continual feeling of pressure in the bladder or weakness in the legs with the constipation and back pain, the rationale could definitely be hard stools. In this situation, the pain doesn't vanish even if you try medicines.

Regardless the factors that cause lower back pain, it is terribly difficult to cope with it. But, the only good thing is that all forms of back illnesses and even sciatica can be successfully dealt with. If constipation is your problem, you can consider any one from the different types of diuretics available in the market. There are medicines to help the gut movement too.

These days' folk became aware about the downsides of chemicals, so they like natural treatments for sciatica and other forms of back trouble. For natural treatment of constipation, you must include fiber rich food in your diet. Plants, fruits and full grains are rich in fiber. You can also try oat bran for a similar. It will enhance your bowel movement.

While you eat foods that are high on fiber, it is recommended that you drink lots of water along side. Also, easy exercises like walking everyday for 30 mins can prove to be of significant help in treating the difficulty. These straightforward life-style and dietary changes alone will help you combat back trouble.

Both, children and adults can suffer from back pain that's triggered by hard stools. Fortunately enough, there's a answer to the problem. Hence next time you are coping with back stiffness, make sure that bowel problems isn't a root of the problem.

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